Traffic Safety Research LLC. has investigated and reconstructed motor vehicle crashes since 1991.  Based on our research and investigative findings, we developed “Road Trip” which is a highly effective hard-hitting instructor led three-hour driver awareness course.  “Road Trip” is an excellent complement to standard driver education programs and will benefit both new and experienced drivers.  The course is ideal for adult drivers who have incurred traffic violations, and the course will provide attendees the necessary information to help prevent future violations. 

Course Content

  • How to identify the most common driver/driving hazards.
  • Why adult drivers often underestimate risk.
  • How alcohol/drug impairment affects driving ability and decision-making skills.
  • The three kinds of distractions related to driving and limitations of the human brain.
  • The effects of and risks associated with speeding, aggressive driving, and distracted driving.
  • The importance of seat belts and child restraints.
  • Actions that can be taken to prevent traffic violations and crashes.
  • Acknowledging that driving habits are a personal choice.

The “Road Trip” program emphasizes the dangers associated with speeding and distracted driving, and helps participants realize their personal choices while driving can lead to tickets and/or crashes.  Group discussion and informative videos help participants learn about the negative effects of ingesting alcoholic beverages and /or other legal and illicit drugs.  Participants will learn the importance of taking responsibility for their actions behind the wheel which may reduce their financial exposure and promote better driving habits.  

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